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Who can use Ideal Spacer warm edge


IDEAL SPACER’s profile offers optimum PSI values. Based on quality and safety certifications guaranties reliable IG Units. A variety of colors are available for aesthetic effect. A PSI value calculator is available for U window Values.

  1. Optimum PSI value
  2. Variety of colors
  3. Ψ window calculation program
  4. Quality and safety certifications



IDEAL SPACER’s profile offers optimum window insulation throughout the whole year. It minimize the energy lost through the edge of the window. Prevents fogging of the inner glass and stops the mold appearance. With variety of colors it meets all aesthetic demands.

  1. Better window insulation
  2. Aesthetic effect
  3. Prevents fogging effect



IDEAL SPACER’s profile is designed for safe, fast and easy to work processing. It is compatible with all sealants and guaranties reliable IG Units. With no need of additional investment for storage and machine maintenance it is ideal for efficient processing.

  1. Fast and safe processing
  2. Easy to work
  3. To be Compatible with all sealants
  4. Needs only Standard storage
  5. Guarantees Reliable IG Units
  6. More Efficient work
  7. No maintenance needs



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